Wednesday, 14 August 2013

When a screen is their world

An Australian report on the impact of technology on young men's mental health and wellbeing, by the federally funded Young and Well Co-operative Research Centre, shows males aged 16 to 25 are upping their average time online to three hours each day from two hours four years ...more

Friday, 9 August 2013

Celebs and depression: Which famous people have battled mental illness?

Which actors, artists, world leaders and authors have been able to accomplish great things despite their struggles with mental illness? Read more

Why men kill themselves: The warning signs most people miss

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The OzHelp Foundation receives joint Business LiFE Award at 2013 SPA Conference

The OzHelp Foundation, in partnership with ACT-based companies, Creative Safety Initiatives (CSI) and Construction Charitable Works (CCW), are thrilled to be the recipients of a joint Business Award as part of the LiFE Award ceremony at this year's Suicide Prevention Australia's (SPA) Conference. For more information, click on